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After being in France for a year I'm off to start my first year of college in the North West US. I am in love with Japan and try to be brave enough to face situations I want to be in. There are only a few things I am dedicated to entirely... and I can't think of them right now.
I'm trying out this new thing called "being open" so, any questions, feel free.

Matsuoka Shuzo [松岡修造 ] - あきらめかけているあなた (NEVER GIVE UP!!) [English] (por Ryuujin131)

[Alexandros] - Kick&Spin (MV) (por UKPROJECTofficial)

When people ask if I’ve considered rowing with gloves

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The Human Language Series - Part 1

"Colourless green Ideas"

See some clouds after the rain

See some clouds after the rain

Frog truck

Frog truck

The 8 bowls of NYC ramen you need to get right now

Golden Eggs ep 25

I love this rain. (Taken with GifBoom)

when he gets to the meat level it gets intense.

Techno Kitty Adventure - PewDiePie

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納豆タ〜イム! (Taken with GifBoom)

LOVEマシーン - モーニング娘。

LOVEマシーン - モーニング娘 (cover) by Moose House

One Night Carnival /氣志團(Cover) by Goose House